At Mughal Steel, our business core values that set us apart are quality, safety, credibility, Integrity, synergy, innovation and productivity. These are the foundation and of our corporate success. The company strives to hold itself to the highest ethical standards in order to serve the long-term best interests of all of our stakeholders.

At Mughal Steel, our official policy is to take a planned approach to continuous improvement of our products, processes and services in order to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations 100% of the time. As a result of our commitment to quality, our customers consistently rate MISIL as a top-notch steel producer in terms of overall customer satisfaction, quality and delivery, according to independent customer surveys. It is no fortune that Mughal Steel consistently outperforms the steel industry safety average by a wide margin. Our value proposition starts, first and foremost, with an unrelenting commitment to employee safety. Simply put, our approach to safety is more than a business objective; it is part of our operating culture.Mughal Steel operates the most flexible facilities in the steel industry – and that places us among the very best at adapting to ever-changing market conditions and customer needs.


We make sure that we always do what we say we will and strive for excellence and quality in everything that we do.


We are endeavored to foster a culture where people come first and we hire, develop, train and retain our people to work as synergized teams in line with our mission and vision.


We are devoted to implement such policies and procedures, which translate into fair and equitable treatment of all stakeholders, including selection hiring, rewarding and compensating all employees.


We provide equal opportunities to all our employees without any bias against gender, race, ethnicity and religion.


We are dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical standards and ensuring openness and honesty in all our dealings by maintaining utmost integrity at all times.


We are committed to fostering a culture where employees work as a team, listen to and respect each other, provide support to one another, work co-operatively and highly regard one another’s views making our work environment fun and enjoyable.