We believe in providing the highest quality and best value for money products. The Company has implemented an extensive and effective quality assurance system for its products. The Company is ISO-9001:2015 certified and truly implements Quality Management System. The Company manufactures mild steel products based on state of the art technology. The quality of all products is ensured at all stages of the steel making process through systematic and effective adoption, implementation, monitoring and continuous enhancement of quality control systems using latest methods of analysis. All stages of the production process right from the selection of raw materials, processing of materials and the finished product are subjected to rigorous testing, to ensure that each item is of the highest quality. Invariable standard compliance could not have been possible without an unmatched source of reliability and particularly quality control trained personnel. Our Laboratory is equipped with traditional chemical and mechanical analytical machines besides the world’s renowned Optical Emission Spectrometer of M8 series.


The aim is to become a Company that is accepted by the society. Throughout our business process, we impact the society in many ways, striving to be a good corporate citizen and believing in giving back to the society. For community investment and welfare, the Company acknowledges its responsibility towards society. Giving away our share of kindness is not a part of a philanthropic endeavor, but a larger social responsibility that the society itself has entrusted upon us. Throughout our business process we gladly look for ways through which we may extend a helping hand towards the society. In an attempt to fulfill this responsibility we have successfully launched, social and health welfare projects. Mughal Steel has been part of various projects, the primary one being the Mughal Eye Hospital (Trust) that is entirely devoted to curtail the increasing blindness in Pakistan. To date it has benefitted 100,000 outdoor patients and has conducted 10,000 major surgeries, 15,000 minor surgeries and 5,000 laser surgeries, approximately on annual basis.


The Company is firmly committed to efficient use of limited energy resources. In this regard, gas and electricity is being produced at Mughal Steel. Further, successful turnaround in form of new energy efficient furnaces and rolling mills have brought desired results of efficient performance in addition to overall improvement in energy consumption indices. The efforts of the Company for energy conservation have also been recognized by the Ministry of Industries, Engineering Development Board, FPCCI and other industrial forums of the country particularly for its contribution to energy efficiency measures.


The production of steel is grossly dependent on large amount of coal feedstock that releases clouds of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. Clean coal technology is an efficient technology which reduces the emissions of Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide resulting in plant efficiency. During 2014, Mughal Steel met another milestone through the induction of clean coal technology. The Company is the pioneer in augmenting the utilization of coal gasification also known as the clean coal technology introduced in the industrial sector of Pakistan. The coal gasification not only yields efficiency in production and reduces the operating cost, but also accredits the company in fulfilling its strong commitment towards environmental sustainability. This has further strengthened the image of Mughal Steel as an environmental sensitive company that operates in compliance to the international health and environmental standards which has encouraged the company to invest in the clean coal technology.


The Company has a strong tradition of good community relations. We believe that investing in our communities is an integral part of our social commitment to ensure the sustained success of the Company. We aim to ensure that our business and factory have the resources and support to identify those projects, initiatives and partnerships that make a real difference in their communities and that mean something to employees and their families. Wedding ceremonies are arranged for underprivileged individuals of the society. Educational scholarships also are given to needy students who have shown praiseworthy academic performance.


The Company takes care and applies appropriate procedures to manufacture steel products so as to ensure that no harmful substances are present in its products. The Company has strict policy to control any activity which is against the consumer rights.


The Company has set procedures, rules and regulations which regulate employment guidance. Employees are required to ensure compliance with regulations and the Company fully recognizes employee rights including the Collective Bargaining Agent (CBA). The Company is committed to provide equal opportunity to all existing and prospective employees without any discrimination on the basis of religion, gender, race, age etc. The Company also organizes rewards and recognition programs for acknowledgment of work done by its employees.


The Company ensures employment of disabled persons in compliance with the rules set out by the Government of Pakistan which is 2% quota of the total workforce necessitated to be allocated to disabled persons. The Company has employed disabled persons in accordance with the requirement.


We are firmly committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for our employees. Health management involves strengthening our employees’ physical, mental and social wellbeing. We ensure that occupational safety is upheld by contract workforce through Code of Conduct for contractors. A free medical Centre has been established at site providing medical facilities to the employees.


The Company ensures ethical compliance with all regulatory and governing bodies while conducting its operations. The Company has formulated various polices including “Code of Conduct”, “Whistle Blowing Policy” and “Policy on Sexual Harassment”. The Company ensures effective implementation of these polices through its training, management standards and procedures, with an aims to develop a disciplined and constructive control environment in which all employees understand their roles and obligations. Employees are encouraged to report any “kickbacks” deals. No employee is allowed to run a parallel business.


At Mughal Steel our main priority is efficient use of limited energy resources available. Successful operations of new energy efficient melting furnaces and re-rolling mills have contributed towards efficient performance in addition to overall improvement in energy consumption.