Mughal steel has embraced the philosophy of Total Quality Assurance. Therefore, the quality of all products is ensured at all stages of the steel making process. This quality control process involves monitoring the quality throughout the whole production process. Invariable standard compliance could not have been possible without an unmatched source of reliability and particularly quality control trained personnel. Unrelenting efforts towards quality products have always received appreciation, accreditation and recommendation by national and international engineers. Mughal Labs are equipped with traditional chemical and mechanical analytical machines besides the world’s renowned OPTICAL EMISSION SPECTOMETER of M8 series. The machine is capable of analyzing 43 metal cannels within 3 minutes from sample preparation to complete detail analysis. We have two Universal Testing Machine units (100 tons & 200 tons) to carry mechanical tests such as yield, tensile strength and bend tests on various bars and sections.

Quality control and quality assurance are two separate departments directly reporting to Director Production in the organizational set up to avoid and production influence. The management is dedicated to winning Mughal Labs as a status of independent source for metal testing nationally and internationally by achieving accreditation with the world renowned labs.