Following the Mughal legacy of uniform strength and excellence, the Mughal Iron and Steel Industries Limited (MISIL) has been enduing in the foundations of Pakistan since 1950. From humble beginnings as trivial ‘Mughal Traders’, Mughal Steel embarked on a journey imbued with humbleness consistent effort and the one that never compromised on upholding greater human values and preferring growth orientation over mere profit generation. Mughal Steel has been redefining strength in a credible way and have altered the dimensions through which steel is produced, thus contributing a lot to the national economy and modernization of Pakistan.

In recent years, in face of complicated changes and severe risks in domestic and international economic environment, as well as the white-heat competition in iron and steel industry, MISIL has: implemented the scientific outlook on development and national policies on iron and steel industry; taken initiatives to forge ahead; steadily propelled its third campaign of business pioneering; made great effort to carry out the development of Pakistan; effectively responded to the international financial crisis by relying on its employees and by adopting innovative concepts and measures; realized in an all-round way the development goals for “11th Five-year Plan”, and; made historic changes to its corporate image.

Right from the beginning, our goals were intertwined with the progress of our homeland; our pride resides in improving the national exchequer and uplifting industrial growth. Mughal Iron and Steel Industries Limited (MISIL) has proven itself as a trendsetter in the iron and steel industry of Pakistan to bring forth steel, which resonates and glazes to get acknowledged as ‘steel that endures, persists and continues to support neither progenies nor generations, but dynasties’. We welcome you to this journey of strength that has elevated this nation in the shadow of steel.

Mughal Steel holds numerous distinctions in the history of Pakistan steelmaking. At MISIL, a culture of continuous improvement means that all of our employees are driven by an incessant yearning to improve our technological processes. This constant dissatisfaction with the status quo leads to changes that drive growth by consistently improving our efficiency, effectiveness and adaptability. Our long-term business concept is to carry out the scientific outlook on development, and follow the route of expansion focused on trusted future and progress.