Ladle Refining

In pursuit of making the finest grade of steel, refining process is carried out through LRF (ladle refining furnace). The molten material is refined in a manner unique to MISIL through alloy addition and nitrogen purging process. Further alloys such as Manganese, Nickel, Chrome, Vanadium, Molybdenum etc. are added to make special steel, spring steel, auto motive steel, stainless steel and low alloy steel. The two elements that can be mostly responsible for affecting the characteristics and properties of the steel, carbon and sulphur, are controlled additionally by LECO combustion apparatus. The chemical composition of the steel is analyzed by emission spectrometry and complete adjustment of the temperature and chemical analysis is carried out in the ladle furnace, together with the total elimination of impurities (non-metallic inclusions and sulphur) by injection of argon, via the bottom of the ladle.