Let us share with you the story of a company that started off in the outskirts of Lahore at Sheikhupura Road and became one of the nation’s largest steel producer, altered the processes and introduced to an infant iron and steel industry the formation of steel. A small production unit titled “Al-Bashir Steel Industries (Private) Limited”. Could anyone even imagine that this production unit would change the way Pakistan looked at discarded scrap and metal?

Decades of Growth (1950 – 1998)

“In an old cornfield in Sheikhupura, Punjab, in Pakistan’s Rice Belt, a maverick company called Mughal is attempting nothing less than THE resurrection of the Pakistan’s Asian Tiger dream.” – From 1950 to 1998, Mughal Steel grew at an unprecedented rate by making long-rolled steel products, taking its place as the nation’s leading producer of steel. During that time, Mughal Steel entered into multiple technologically-driven partnerships in a pursuit to achieve an economic scale with envious efficiency standards and developed a number of new facilities and businesses. The company more than doubled in size to over 1200 employees at MISIL facilities in Pakistan.

1983- 1984:

The first corporate as well as the mini section mills were commissioned under the name of Mughal Sons (Pvt) limited.

Fast Forward to 1998:

Mughal Steel (a partnership concern) was established. In the same year MISIL stepped in to provide social services and established an eye hospital under the umbrella of “Mughal Trust”. Since its inception, Mughal Trust has been involved in a number of charitable ventures. To date it has catered about 100,000 outdoor patients and conducted 10,000 major surgeries, 15,000 minor surgeries and 5,000 Laser surgeries, approximately.


Mughal Steel began a new era in Pakistan steel making by importing and establishing 2 Induction Furnaces. In the same year an Argon Oxygen Decarborizer (AOD) was installed. AOD was the first of its kind in Pakistan, capable of producing stainless steel of 200, 300 and 400 series.


Stainless Steel Sheet Rolling Mill was added to the previously established Mughal Steel. The new production unit resulted in increased product line and efficiency. Furthermore, to compliment several production units and ensure quality standard Mughal Labs (ML) was established. ML is equipped with traditional chemical, mechanical analytics machines as well as an Optical Emission Spectrometer of the M8 Series.

2005 to 2006:

Foreseeing the rising demand of electricity, “Mughal steel” imported and installed a 9.3 MW captive power plant in collaboration with GE Jenbacher. It was the first to go for captive power generation.

2007- A Groundbreaking:

Mughal Ferros was established, the project aimed at utilizing existing deposit of Manganese and Chromite in Pakistan for the formation of alloys such as Ferro Manganese& Ferro Chrome.


Mughal Steel took over the Plant and Machinery of Al-Bashir Steel Industries (Private) Limited and installed two additional mini sectional mills. It pioneered and popularized the mini mill. At first it was simply a way to provide Pakistan’s construction industry with an economical and reliable supply of steel. But we quickly learned that other companies had the same need, and we expanded our production to accommodate outside customers. We’ve been expanding ever since.


Not long after we shed our conglomerate business model to become a highly focused steel producer, the board of directors elected to change the name of the company from Mughal Steel to Mughal Iron & Steel Industries Limited (MISIL).This change was meant to enter higher corporate ladder by introducing professional management. In the same year MISIL installed bar re-rolling mill with capacity of 150,000 M/T.

2011 to 2013:

Coal gasification concept on industrial scale was introduced by MISIL for the first timein Pakistan, which was highly acknowledged by the government sectors as well as industrial sectors apropos to energy crises prevailing in the country. The effort to shift energy focus from premium gas to coal is cherished among all natural gas intensive industries.

MISIL installed a coal gasification plant in 2011 and further in 2013 installed a new tandem section mill with annual capacity of 300,000 M/T.Tandem Section Mills is a novel approach to re-rolling industry in Pakistan. Technologically-driven European engineering introduced wonders for the first tandem re-rolling concept in the Pakistan resulting in greater heights of efficiency and accuracy for rolled sections, yet helping MISIL enter the era beyond present perception of the industry. This represented a major leap forward in reducing the environmental impact of steelmaking – with significant reductions in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


At present MISIL operates its manufacturing facilities which include; melting furnaces, smelting facilities, re-rolling of different sections, Re-rolling of Re-bars, Medium Sections, I Beams, H Beam, C Channel, L Section, T bar, power house and coal gasification plants etc.