Vision & Mission


“To be a leading corporate entity which is recognized both at the industry level and national level, endeavoring to achieve excellence in core business while striving to explore multiple growth opportunities, remaining ethically and socially responsible and strengthening the growing base of satisfied customers by providing quality and durable steel products.”

Mughal Steel is known not only as a producer of Steel, but also as a recycler and a forerunner in material sciences of Pakistan, who is paving new crevices in the metallurgical industry. Our aim is to ameliorate and accelerate the pace at which the entire iron and steel industry of Pakistan is moving. Over the years Mughal Steel has created thousands of new jobs through a comprehensive program to rebuild its infrastructure and have devoted efforts towards value addition by introducing ever newer and stronger construction as well as alloy products to its customers by expanding and its girth for trained and skilled employment.

Our future endeavors circle around establishing and enhancing capabilities in three areas; technical leadership, good corporate governance and the industry, international branding as an unrivaled producer of steel.


“To meet the expectations of our employees by providing opportunities for professional growth and personal welfare.”

To meet the expectations of our shareholders by enhancing profitability and maximizing returns through achieving excellence in core business and exploring growth opportunities through diversification.

To meet the expectations of our customers in providing them with high quality, reliable and durable steel products, through product research, business process and information system improvement and up-gradation of technology.

Powered by the passion to change the entire outlook of the iron and steel industry and catalyzed by the feedback being received from millions of customers and clients, our mission is to grow to be Pakistan’s industrial vanguard, promote Pakistani economy via iron and steel industry, expedite modern civilization, and follow the guidelines of harmonious society. We aspire to keep on embracing new technologies that support Mughal Steel as a capital and energy intensive industry. The goals existing in figments have been translated into milestones by the collective effort of Mughal Iron and Steel Industries Limited (MISIL) and this is the reason our recognition has swelled at an unprecedented rate among stakeholders, clients, engineers, construction consultants and even our very own competitors.

Corporate Strategy

Maintaining our competitive position in the core business by employing professional and technical excellence, exploring new growth opportunities through diversification and creating value for our stakeholders.