MISIL is a leading supplier of long rolled products to a diversified market mix of urban, rural and exports that serve the construction industry. Rigorous production control yields a highly uniform, high-quality, international standard compliant product for long service life at low cost.

Our markets include from hi-tech industrial complexes, to infrastructural projects – power & energy, roads & bridges, dams/generation & distribution networks, high rises to economic housing solutions. Steel’s recycled content, recyclability, strength and durability make it a leading option among sustainable construction materials, and MISIL actively promotes the material’s benefits by participating in associations and coalitions that focus on educating building decision makers.

Mughal’s operations comprise six major facilities, which produce long steel products in vertical integration. MISIL is Pakistan’s most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly steel mills, producing long-rolled products for stringent applications in the domestic and select export markets that kicked off a decade of strong growth for Pakistan. Sizeable capital expenditure has been invested for the extensive refurbishment of the plant and to introduce sophisticated information systems. This has optimized operations and sustained global competitiveness at all levels. Successful implementation of re-engineering and continuous improvement programs at the business unit has honed the business into a modern, internationally aligned operation. Quality is as important to us as it is to you. Your business depends on it and so does our trust and success. Throughout every step of the manufacturing process we utilize in-process controls and conduct mechanical and dimensional audits to continuously monitor product quality. It’s this kind of rigorous testing which has earned us our quality system registrations and we are proud to share copies for your review.

MISIL production is controlled and monitored through highly automated, computerized PLC systems. Automation solutions, with intelligent instrumentation and advance process, proven by the industry set forth plant efficiency and profitability on capital investments, further ensures that the equipment performs properly, the consumption of additive agents and chemicals is decreased and that variables such as impurity levels, process temperatures and element balances are fully controlled. Such processes include automatic sequencing of equipment, material detection and tracking through controlledmelting and re-rolling process, water cooling and many more. All these processes are measured by on-line instrumentation, and controlled through advanced industrial HMIs which themselves are networked to operator screens, databases, setup models and data analysis software. The Engineers, at Mughal, specialize in monitoring, maintaining and developing equipment to its optimum performance and reliability to meet customer and business requirements. The raw materials undergo several rigorous quality checks before employing them in the manufacturing process. Quality control staff takes pride in facilitating the detection and prevention of any kind of fault during the manufacturing process and implements the means to prevent it. Thus, all our products are of genuine quality, conforming to the norms prescribed by internationally recognized laboratories.

Glance at the Process:

At MISIL, we produce steel via the electric induction furnace route; making new steel products by recycling scrap metal, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment. The process uses recovered ferrous scrap metal as the primary raw material in compliance with ISRI grades, which is melted in the furnace to make molten metal, further ladled to Continuous Caster for casting of prime quality, free of pin-holes, cracks and surface defect-free billets. These high quality billets in different grades of low carbon, medium carbon, special alloys, spring steels, stainless steels etc are now available for further process. Steel scrap metal is the basic raw material for manufacturing steeling electric furnace. Scrap is subjected to severe controls and inspections, both at the place of origin and at the moment the material is received at the plant. The use, in some cases, of directly-reduced iron, makes it possible to achieve steel with a minimal amount of waste.

Re-rolling, that we call “the art of re-rolling at Mughal Steel to reach finished long products with different cross-sections such as Deformed bars, Re-inforcement bars, merchant bars, sections, angles, channel etc. The process is highly flexible, produces around a sixth of the CO2 emissions, with steel manufactured this way containing about a third of the embodied energy when compared with other steelmaking methods. Its importance establishes company’s concern on maximum attention to the “degree of quality” it offers, as it has direct repercussions on the procurement of suitable steel types.