Over the years, Mughal Steel has emerged as a thriving and progressive steel enterprise due to its ability to transform itself rapidly and meet the challenges of a highly competitive global economy. Constant modernization, introduction of state-of-the-art technology and highly efficient and dynamic team of human capital, have all enabled the company to stay ahead of the industry, and successfully meet the expectations of all of its customers.

Technological Advancement:

There are only a few companies which can match the record of technological firsts as we do at Mughal Steel. MISIL’s technology is at par with internationally accepted standards that caters to the needs of the present day innovation. While most of Pakistan’s steel manufacturing industry has remained clung to traditional melting and cross country re-rolling methods, with limited quality control involving batch-control-methods only, Mughal has pioneered the industry with innovations such as, “Ladle Refining Furnace” along with “Argon Oxygen Decarburizer” and tandem re-rolling concepts in the country.

Pakistan’s demographics / Tectonic Zones:

Seismically, the Himalayan belt containing the Hindukush-Pamir region is one of the most active regions in the world. The region generates very large earthquakes occurring down to 300km depth. As far as Pakistan is concerned, the country has five zones of high seismic activity potential-the Hindukush region, the northern areas of Pakistan and Kashmir, the north-western part of Balochistan, the coastal areas of Pakistan (near Makran region) and the south-eastern corner of Pakistan (Runn of Kutch).

Pakistan has been witnessing an increase in the frequency of earthquakes during the past two decades or so. All of the seismic events within the boundaries of Pakistan have been devastating, causing extensive infrastructure damage and loss of precious lives. Poorly-constructed buildings and houses, and increasing density of population in the earthquake-prone areas, are the main reasons for the extended damage and the number of causalities during the earthquakes.

In order to improve the safety of the buildings during earthquake occurrences, Mughal Steel has rolled out yet another innovative product-the earthquake resistant steel bar under the brand name of “Supreme”.

Supreme Steel Bars-Pakistan’s First Earthquake Resistant Steel:

Since an earthquake causes extensive horizontal and vertical movements to a building structure, therefore the most important safety element in a building structure is the strength and ductility of Steel having sufficient energy dissipation capability. Accordingly, Supreme brand Steel bars have been developed with a higher yield strength, without compromising on the elongation properties, so that the bars provide maximum energy dissipation needed for a more consistent seismic behavior. Due to this, the Supreme Steel bars are designed to provide a more consistent resistance to seismic loads and have a higher ductility than any other Steel bars manufactured in Pakistan.

Supreme bars are produced with extra strength per mass with low carbon and carbon equivalent particles improving the safety and the bendability of the product. Moreover due to uniform/thick tempered martensitic rim, the corrosion resistance and fatigue strength of the bars are much higher than any other ordinary Steel bars in the country.

Supreme bar, in line with international standards, is the result of extensive R&D, experimentation and testing efforts of world’s best scientist in materials, concrete, architectural and metallurgical engineering. Supreme brand represents high quality steel bars, which are scientifically tested to be the most reliable steel products to withstand earthquake movements and prevent potential damages to building/structures during earthquakes. In order to maintain a consistent quality, the production of Supreme involves regular resistance and extensive checks throughout the production process.

Advantages of Supreme Steel Bars

Combination of high strength and high ductility:

Supreme Steel bars have rare combination of high strength with excellent ductility. The tensile to yield strength ratios are always greater than 1.12. In normal bars, the increase in the yield strength of the bars is accompanied by the loss of percent elongation. But in the case of Supreme Steel bars, this loss is negligible and the percent elongation values are much higher than normally specified in various International Standards. In Supreme Steel bars, UTS/YS ratio values are maintained always at more than 1.15.

Superior corrosion resistance:

The absence of Eutectoid Carbides and pearlite colonies in Supreme Steel bars, absence of stresses because of tempering, presence of martensitic layer at the outside surface and formation of adherent scale film due to quenching process during re-rolling, are the reasons for better corrosion resistance properties of these reinforcement bars.

Excellent bendability and workability:

The tough outer skin and the ductile core of the Supreme Steel bars result in excellent bendability. This coupled with a high resistance to low temperature brittle fracture, allows these bars to be bent, without fear of failure around small diameter mandrels.

Higher Fatigue Strength:

Fatigue tests carried out on Supreme Stee bars (by subjecting to alternate tensile stressing) have shown that the fatigue strength of the bars is equal to the reinforcement bars produced by other methods. The fatigue tests were also carried out on bent and angled bars encased in concrete. The results were obtained by using constant amplitude loading of 200 MPa with a maximum stress equal to 0.7 X Yield Strength. The fatigue strength of the Supreme Steel bars meets the requirements given in various International Standards.

Supreme’s Production and Quality Benchmarks / Quality Assurance

Supreme brand Steel bars are produced in accordance with the ASTM, BS, JIS and AUS/NZ Standards as required by Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA). The new Steel product also conforms to Mughal Steel’s consistent quality assurance principles. As tested and verified, the Supreme Steel bars have the highest Yield and Tensile strengths, besides the highest Elongation, Ductility, Fatigue and Corrosion Resistant qualities than any other steel product in the country as explained in the following Chart:

Name Origin YS
Elongation Ductility Fatigue Corrosion
Normal Steel Unknown 25,000 40,000 5-6% Very Low Very Low Very Low
TOR Steel BS 1977 60,000 68,000 5-6% Very Low Very Low Very Low
G-40 ASTM A 615 40,000 60,000 11-12% Moderate Moderate Moderate
G-60 ASTM A 615 60,000 90,000 9% High High High
Supreme ASTM/BS 72,000 88,000 14-15% Very High Very High Very High

As seen from the above table, one of the most common Steel types used in Pakistan-the TOR Steel, not only conforms to an outdated quality standard, but also has very low Elongation, with no Ductility, Fatigue and Corrosion Resistant qualities, while the same has also been withdrawn, disowned by BS Standards.

Size and Weight:

Size in Inch

Weight K.G/ P.F
Size M.M Weight K.G/ P.F
3/8″ 0.170 10 0.187
1/2″ 0.303 12 0.270
5/8″ 0.477 16 0.480
3/4″ 0.680 18 0.610
7/8″ 0.930 20 0.750
1″ 1.213 25 1.170

Supreme’s Quality
Supreme is produced as per ASTM/BS Standards
Mughal Steel is a compliant entity of PSQSA
Supreme is qualitatively better than any other steel product in Pakistan

Cost Comparisons of Supreme with Other Standard Steel Products:

The usage of Supreme for any type of structural construction is estimated to be very cost effective as compared to all other types of Steel products manufactured and marketed in Pakistan. This is due to Supreme’s higher quality and unique chemical/mechanical characteristics. Besides, the usage of Supreme also provides extended durability and a much longer life-period to the building structures. These qualities enable our customers to economise on steel consumption with added feature of increased safety.

Economy Chat insert:

Unique Features of Supreme:
Low carbon content and made from fully killed steel.
Higher yield strength, Ultimate tensile strength and higher percentage elongation when compared to cold twisted bars of same grade.
Easy bendability, weldability and excellent ductility ensures economy and safety of use.
In-built ability to resist loss of strength at higher temperature.
Use of Supreme results in saving more than 15% in steel consumption Higher corrosion resistance and seismic resistance
Ideally suited for any type of concrete structure.

Cost and Economy of Scale
Lowers Steel consumption
Cost effective as compared to other Steel products
Usage of Supreme adds years to building structures
Supreme structures are more durable


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