The versatile mills at MISIL provides excellent shape and size control for a variety of product sections. These include; Medium Section Mills, Tandem Section Mills, Small Section Mills and Bar re-rolling mills. The billets cannot be used commercially till rolled to acquire desired shapes and products. Once in the hot rolling line, the billet enters a furnace to be reheated, once at the correct temperature, the billet is pushed into the rolling stands. By passing between successive rolling stands, the cross-section can be modified as can the length.

This process takes place in a continuous rolling line where the speed is controlled automatically. In case of reducing the cross-section, the speed increases with each pass, in the same proportion as the cross-section is reduced in the previous one. The rolling line can comprise a roughing, intermediate and finishing line, depending on the end product – bars, coils, sections, etc. In case of sections the line usually comprises one or two reversible sections. This highly efficient and low cost operation, rated among the lowest billet cash-cost producer’s in Pakistan bears testimony to the success of the intensive re-engineering programs undertaken at MISIL.

In 1994 the group made capital investments to measure up clientele trust in industrial and residential structural sections like I. beam, H. beam, C.section, L.Section, T-bar etc. These are manufactured at the most modern re-rolling facilities with 100 % factory automation and a capacity to produce 200,000 tons of steel per year. Today, the facilities stand alone and high in pride while producing quality structural steels in Pakistan.

Mughal Steel’s fully automatic rolling mills are equipped with auto-control reheating furnaces; facilitating further to produce the required section of any kind. Above all, our clientele enjoys the facility of customized dimensions and sizes as per their own requirements or designs.