Technological Advancement

There are few that can match the record of technological firsts of MISIL, even though it does not have an official R & D department. In 1999 MISIL, under the guidance of its new development planning cycle, has adhered to the strategy of technological leadership and actively explored new dimensions in metal engineering, dully acknowledged for a series of achievements with the support of its environmental-friendly operations with innovation. The efforts at MISIL have jointly been recognized by the Ministry of Industries, Engineering Development Board, FPCCI and other industrial forums of the country particularly for its contribution to energy efficiency measures.

For us, research and development isn’t a department. It’s a way of life. One that’s lived and breathed by each of our 1,500 employees every single day. And that’s why we are, hands down, the industry leader in innovation.

Technological innovation:

Our technology is at par with internationally accepted standards that cater to the needs of present day innovation. As an industry Mughal Steel is galvanized together to make and build the country. While most of Pakistan’s Steel manufacturing clung to traditional mere “Induction Furnaces” and cross country re-rolling mills methods limit quality control to batch-control-methods, Mughal pioneered new roads with Ladle Refining Furnace along with Argon Oxygen Decarburizer and tandem re-rolling concepts in the country.

MISIL’s, acceleration the integration of technological resources, has established a technological innovation system with its own characteristics and sped up the enhancement of the overall technological capabilities of the enterprise through corporate reforms and system innovation in accordance with the requirements of the firm’s strategic development. We, at Mughal, pledge to a research and development system under which “production-marketing-research” and “industry-academy-research” are closely integrated through best practices around the globe. Integrated engineering system combining production, R&D, design, equipment on the platform of engineering projects and a continual improvement system focusing on the production site are employed.