Date Event
15-07-2017 Eid Milan Party
13-08-2017 Independence Day Celeberations
25-08-2017 Joint 3rd Position Best Corporate Reporting Award
18-09-2017 Board of Directors Approved Annual Accounts For Year Ended June30,2017
26-10-2017 Issuance of 1st Quater Accounts
26-10-2017 Enhancement of Gas Load For Captive Power From 2.80 MM to 6.30 MMCFD
28-10-2017 8th Annual General Meeting
04-01-2018 Extension of Grid Station Load From 19.99MW to 59.99MW
05-01-2018 Mehfil-e-Milad
30-01-2018 PACRA Assigns Initial Entity Ratings
16-02-2018 Signing of Sponsorship Contract With Multan Sultan for Psl
26-02-2018 Issuance of 2nd Quater Accounts
26-02-2018 Approval of Phase || of Expansion Plan by Board of Directors
19-03-2018 Sports Gala
24-04-2018 Issuance of 3rd Quater Accounts
11-06-2018 Further Extension of Grid Station Load From 59.99MW to 79.99MW